What is Spickle.com?
Spickle.com is a result of me having too much spare time at one point and wanting to try out all the stuff I learned. In the end, I have learned more from creating and maintaining this site than any class I've taken. It doesn't really serve much of a purpose, other than to entertain people. Since I made it in 2000 under the name PBW, Spickle.com has recieved several million unique visitors.

How did you make Spickle.com?
The entire site was designed and programmed by me using XHTML, CSS, and roughly 10,000 lines of Perl code which utilizes a mySQL database. The only things NOT created by me are much of the funny content and the forum software. I originally made my own forums, but the functionality of the free ones that came with the server far surpassed it.

Where do you get the funny content from?
Whereever I see it, mainly from message boards and P2P services such as Shareaza.

Do you have a good reason for wasting money every month?
That's why you should visit more of my advertisers. But not unless they look interesting. Don't just click on them randomly.

What's Spickle.com optimized for?
Well why you're asking me this is beyond me, but what the hell.. Spickle.com is optimized for my computer, because I'm awesome. That'd be Firefox 3 on a 19" CRT monitor, running 32-bit 1024x768. Being that it is nearly all XHTML compliant, it should work pretty well on all browsers.. but if it doesn't, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know where the bug is.

I would like to give you money. How may I do this?
I take PayPal. Click here: