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Aunt Judy has secured a lawyer who has transferred the deed into Glenn and Abby's name. Unlike the deed left by Grandma and Granddad Omans, the deed will be willed to the children of Glenn and Abby. Glenn is working on transferring the LLWC membership. Since it doesn't make sense to have two club memberships, they are going to set up the membership in Glenn's name only, even though the deed has both of their names. Abby has been the financial director thus far, collecting and paying moneys due. Insurance has just been secured in our names with State Farm. Best news is that State Farm is yielding a savings of almost $350/year in premiums. That's good news as it is moneys that can be spent for much needed repairs!

Glenn and Abby have been depositing money each month into the escrow account since last October, and paying bills that have already come due. Any visitors to the cabin will be asked to pay a minimal weekly rental to help offset the running expenses of the cabin. This will be a nominal fee, amount yet to be determined, but in the order of $150/week, which will be put into the escrow account as well.

Other issues still need to be addressed: cleaning of the cabin between uses, opening and closing of the cabin, etc. When these guidelines and procedures are worked out, they will be posted right here in the Cabin Portal! Any suggestions as to how to more smoothly create and/or perfect the system will be greatly appreciated. Glenn and Abby want the cabin to continue to be a place for families to come annually for wonderful Up North woods type vacations.