The Spickle
Who are you?
My name is Derek Lutz, aka "The Spickle". I live in Springfield, USA.

What do you do?
I recently received my A.S. in Information Technology from NVCC and am currently a student at George Mason University (Dean's List, even).

Describe yourself.
I'm a person who likes to analyze EVERYTHING and am often quick to point out how things can be improved. I tend to be enthusiastic about whatever persuit I happen to be persuing.

Will you go out with me?
Submit your picture on If your result is less than 9.8.. the answer is no. That's what my girlfriend got, so if you get less you're ugly to me. I'd rather date the plumber on the under construction sign than your ugly butt.

Why are you so attractive?

Do you believe in ninjas?
Yes. However, I am a pirate, therefore, Ninjas are my enemies.

Why do you hate Canadians (our quiet but deadly neighbors to the north) so much?
Obviously because they are evil.

Hey moron, its spelled Canada
Look buddy, anyone who doesn't spell it canadia is acknowledging that those monkeyturds have the right to spell things the way they want. Spell it the right way.. and remember, don't capitalize!

Who is Gazuga?
Gazuga is a 900 foot tall three-eyed gorilla. He was last seen in a piece of hamster tubing flying through outer space.

You may find more personal information from my from my personal pictures.